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      澤野弘之《Scars of Love》TXT吉他譜_流行

      歌手:吉他吧 來源:未知 2020-06-19 曲譜熱度:°

      Scars of Love 唱:澤野弘之

      • 原調: 1=A
      • 選調: 1=G
      • Capo=2

      Close my eyes for Emreal

      Smile for all the Cpeople's shade

      All brown leaves fly Amaway into the Dwind

      Die of mysterEmy, secret trageCdy

      But I'm watching from the Amhill

      This suddenly Dthing

      I bring some rosemarEmy

      Peaceful time was Csymphony

      Even you were Am always shy to Dlaugh

      It's seemed like aEm quite life

      I feel like a Cempty glass

      All I knowAm is for sure

      DYou won't be coming backB7

      My scars ofC love

      DWhat you'd done for Bm7meEm

      All these AmmemoDries of Gyou

      It'sC hard for Dme,Bm7 somewhere you hadEm gone

      AmI beDlong toG you

      Remember all yourEm lies

      Remember all yourC sympathy

      Many clouds inAm front of meD

      Tough to face myEm life

      I have to walk thisC street again

      This is almost Ammentally crime on D me

      My scars ofC love

      DWhat you'd done for Bm7meEm

      All these AmmemoDries of Gyou

      It's Chard for Dme, Bm7somewhere you had Emgone

      AmI beDlong to Gyou

      EmSo manyC days, alwys toAm hide awayD

      That isEm dead end in the Cvast

      I'mAm stuck on deep labyDrinth with you

      EmDon't call myC name any more

      Amhold my handD so long

      EmCreature in my Cmind and

      It Bm7never lets meD go from Emyou

      流行 澤野弘之 Scars of Love


      TXT譜 流行 澤野弘之 Scars of Love吉他譜